Overcoming Political Divides

It seems all too common: a peaceful gathering of nice people, disrupted by the mention of politics.


Politics seem to be amongst the most taboo of subjects to converse about. Silly, though, when it’s thought of; politics are how our society, and thus, world, is ran. . . They are very important. Shouldn’t we be more open to talk about them? Understandably, sharing beliefs can be difficult, especially since so many people are ready to jump on and attack every little thing that is said. Below, I will list two different ways of viewing politics that may make the discussions a bit softer and easier to be had.

  1. We are much more moderate than we think we are. Meaning, we tend to think that everyone lies on opposite ends of a spectrum; someone is either way far to the left, or way far to the right. We tend to look at everything as absolute, as completely black and white. What is to be mentioned here is that this isn’t always the case; just because someone is a republican, and someone is a democrat, it does not mean that they must automatically disagree about everything. The republican doesn’t believe the exact opposite as the democrat, as the democrat doesn’t believe the exact opposite of the republican. If there were a venn-diagram for political beliefs, most of us would be surprised to see that most people fall very close to the middle, while only have a few views and opposing opinions. We are all more alike than we are willing to give attention to.
  2. We are all doing what we believe to be is the best. Everyone wants to help save the world; no one has malicious intent. When talking politically, it is important to understand that the person/s you are talking to are also doing their best to make the world a better place. However, since we all grow up in different worlds and are raised in different environments with different circumstances, our world views may differ. It is important to note that although someone has differing views than you, it does not mean that they are evil or trying to cause any harm; usually, the exact opposite is true, and they are working towards the same goal as you, to make the world a better place. Since we all wish for the world to be a more beautiful place, it is in our best interest to properly communicate with each other, tactfully and without judgement, and figure out to our best ability how to work together in doing so.

Overcoming political divides may just be a grand step in the world-saving process.