The Benefits Of Riding A Bicycle To Work

Many people are so reliant on driving their cars that they don’t stop to consider their environment or costs of transportation. There are many great benefits to riding your bicycle to work each day.

You’ll be saving money on your commute. Not only on the gas that your car requires but also on the insurance, parking costs, routine maintenance and pollution. Imagine all the money you can save by simply riding your bicycle and avoiding paying higher fees for your insurance alone. The savings could buy you that bicycle and you’ll be getting in your daily workout at the same time.

Save the Environment by Biking

“Speaking of a daily workout,” Nelson from the¬†¬†writes “how much are you paying for that gym membership? If you ride your bicycle to work and home on a daily basis you can nix that gym membership and save a lot of money each month. You won’t need that expensive membership anymore as you’ll be getting your workout done every day that you work. You’ll stay in shape, it’s free of charge and you will always look and feel great.”

Saving on pollution is something that a lot of people are concerned about these days. You can live greener and help to save the environment by simply riding your bicycle to work. Next time someone asks what you’re doing to save the environment you can chime in that your bicycling to work and you’ll know you’re doing your part. No one can every tell you that you’re not helping reduce pollution.

Once you’ve invested in your bicycle, you are getting your daily commute in for virtually free of charge. You don’t have to pay for an expensive bus pass, you don’t have to pay for expensive car repairs or the gas for your car. You won’t have to worry about any of the expenses that normally come with a car in a commute. Better yet, you will be able to zip through shorter routes and get to work much more easily and safely than you can with a car. You’ll not only reduce traffic, you’ll find some great shortcuts that only a bicycle could take.

Many companies offer special incentives to employees that are doing something unique like bicycling to work. They offer steep discounts, free areas to secure your bicycle, lower health insurance and so on. Check with your human resources division and see what your company is offering for such incentives, you may be surprised.

Bicycling to work isn’t a new phenomenon, in fact, in recent years it has become more and more popular. As people become more concerned about the impact of driving they are turning to alternative methods of getting around.

Many decades ago it wasn’t at all unusual to see people out riding bicycles to and from work. People lived simpler lives back then. As more people are trying to simplify their lives more are turning to such methods to help keep things easier. Bicycles are one of these methods and they work very well to help keep things simpler.