Although a for profit organization, the “Funny Occupation & Relationship Memories” organization – based out of Durham, Ontario – is always looking for funny stories that has helped individuals succeed in their occupations while also helping them achieve relationship milestones. This is especially the case for young working couples just starting out.

We believe the best way to live a successful life is by getting families more involved in retelling the good and fun times. This not only helps keep stress levels down but studies show that focusing on the good times is what keeps friends and families together.

Our philosophy is that laughter in our hearts keeps stress at bay – and we invite you to join us on our mission in eradicating stress. Feeling stressed or just down-and-out emotionally? Get outside, get moving, and start counting your blessings. There is no greater stress reliever than breathing the fresh air of Durham while remembering all the good and fun times you have had in your life. They may seem like far and few in between – but find them. It’s those memories that makes life worth living.

NOTE: This website is still in the development phase but please bookmark it for future reference and be sure to share it with the Durham community!